Within months of opening our concession trailer, we discovered that not only were we one of the few healthy options, but the healthy options that were being offered was extremely overpriced. 

     It got us thinking, no wonder Americans have such a tough time eating right when healthy food is overpriced and junk food is affordable. So we decided to start a nonprofit that would be about making sure healthy food is accessible to everyone, everywhere using our concession trailer. 

As we were providing others with healthy food, we started to see a need for other healthy habits. We provide healthy habit education that feeds the mind, body and soul. 

Vision Statement: Every person should have access to healthy food and healthy habit education that can help them improve the health of their families. 

Mission Statement: Healthy Habits to Go will address food insecurity in Arizona by providing free healthy food at public events abd provide healthy habit education .

What do we do exactly?

     We go to public events and provide free healthy food in a fun environment to the public. We provide education on the benefits of fresh food. We want to show people from all social-economic backgrounds that a healthy lifestyle can be the easiest lifestyle because when you feel good, you do good. 

     We also provide healthy habit education to ensure to our main demographics children, cancer patients in treatment, and military veterans.

How can you help?

     Our nonprofit is run entirely by donations from the public and by proceeds from the Healthy Mason Jar. If you would like to help us bring free, healthy food to kids in a fun, unique way, please consider donating! 

Healthy Habits To GO!

How a concession trailer became an advocate for free, healthy food